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The 2020 Challenge

Managing the Movement of Freight
Has Never Been More Demanding

Managing freight requires more than simply matching shipments to carriers. Today’s supply chain is more complex, variable and demanding. With high delivery expectations, multiple carriers, capacity fluctuations and service compliance – all areas where costly disruptions can occur – freight management is more critical than ever.


Our Solutions

Cargo Truck freight management solutions provide visibility and control over your network, create the most efficient routes to move product, and help you get the most from carriers. What makes Cargo Truck different is our ability to focus on and affect the entire freight management process, including tactical planning and procurement, as well as accounting functionality.


Improve Your Roi

Cargo Truck is committed to maximizing the efficiency of your freight management operations. Our network design engineers work with you to set up your network for speed and flexibility by selecting and analyzing facility locations and integrating them into your supply chain.

By leveraging our full portfolio of transportation solutions, Cargo Truck also evaluates mode selection, backhaul opportunities and consolidation prospects and allows us to create a customized solution for you. By consistently seeking out new ways to improve your supply chain and freight management operations, we can create a strong ROI by capitalizing on cost savings, cost avoidance and cost mitigation to build a continuous improvement strategy for the future.


Speed Monitor


Biometric Access


Freight Geofencing


Fuel Control


Router Monitor

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Do you offer volumen discount?

We do! For accounts over 50 trips/yr.

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Absolutely! We are looking to free your time, just let us know your terms and we'll reporting as needed.

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Our team! We don't let third parties handle our responsabilities, we have a large and experience team to properly handle your freight.

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Nope! We believe in freedom, quality and customer satisfaction before money.